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Specification and features of the dictionary

POS system and accounting software
Golden accounts for accounting, warehouses and points of sale
A professional accounting software that is easy to control accounting and inventory produced by the Golden Accounts Company works with all currencies. It is designed for employers to organize their account in their own left and in complete confidentiality. Anyone can learn about it within a short period of time without prior experience in financial accounting and it gives a variety of reports. In various areas of work.
Version for personal use When using commercial you need to activate it.

Target groups

For commercial and service companies
To adjust service revenues and expenses
To adjust items, quantities and inventories
To adjust checks and banks, suppliers' receivables, customers and employees
Department of Human Resources
Full support for the manufacturing process

Adjust classifications and medication groups
Automatic treatment of drug expiry dates
For shops and sales fairs
Manage the cash sale process, and adjust the cash boxes
To adjust checks and banks, suppliers' receivables, customers and employees
Follow up the total and detailed discounts and profits

For restaurants
Sales list with pictures by touch screen
Manage the cash sale process, and adjust the cash boxes
Checks, banks, suppliers, customers and employees

Quick introduction

Android applications have evolved over the past years to provide us with applications that help us accomplish complex and difficult tasks with a few touches. Point of Sale application is an accounting application in addition to the points of sales touch and barcode, which helps us to control the box and inventory and the completion of manufacturing processes or calculate the cost of materials sold all through the Android operating system
The software supports the most prevalent printers in the world (Epson & Bixolon)
Supports Chinese printers
When you open the application for the first time you can learn about it by creating a pilot database for an overview of the program.
The program can be linked to the following service programs:
1- The program to send the application through the local network.
2. Applications screen Applications can be received instead of in-class printers.
3. List of customers to dispense with the paper list.
4 - Internet shopping program.
Of course, you can download any of these programs from the developer page itself.
You can subscribe to a channel on YouTube to learn about the program:

General Features
Complete inventory management of inventory entry, inventory and printing of various inventory reports
Complete management of the sales and cash fund so that it gives accurate reports on the profit level and the pay-as-you-go
Possibility to manage more than one bill at the same time
Enter items in their full details with a picture of each product, and the right time to order more from a particular product
Speed ​​up the sales process by using the barcode reader for the label on the product
Print barcode label for each product with the choice of data printed by the client
Multi-party payment support (cash - check - credit card - long - free)
Adoption of local and international currencies
The output of many different reports fit the needs of the user to manage his organization, with the possibility to modify those reports easily
Manage more than one store and warehouse at the same time and manage them
Ease of managing users of the program with appropriate privileges for each user of the program
The customer support system identifies each customer's data with a maximum limit for each customer
Print customer cards printed with client data with its own barcode
You can print on more than one printer at the same time to save time between company partitions
The program supports many existing systems for businesses and organizations such as
Selling companies in general as well as wholesale companies
Restaurants of all types where there is a special restaurant system includes the organization of the restaurant
Tables and restaurant roles with reservation system and transfer of orders from one table to another.


Support developers

Any developer can work on system offices and develop a dedicated system

Developer can find the idea of binding from a folder within the program



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